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Hello and welcome to the official site of the band Heamoglobin.
Heamoglobin are ~
They are a heavy metal band whose First recording is Killing in the name By Rage against The machine.
This website is where all of our news, covers of cd's and Mp3 clips
of our songs.
Our favorite bands and people that inspire us are:
Bjorn-Rage against the machine-Tom morello
Chaz-Blink 182-Travis Barker
Our name is From the Scientific term Haemoglobin Which is something in your blood. And then we changed it to heamoglobin.
There is a newspage and onn the page called Heamoglobins there is a whole page with pictures about them and their religion. But their god is called Heamogodlin.

Latest news
Heamoglobin have just auditioned for House music at Kennet school and we will post up here soon if they have got through.
Matt and chaz have gone round Bjorns house to have a practice and record their first son Killing in the name.

This page was last updated 27/01/05

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